A free South Africa for the melanin rich is just an illusion, narrated by imprisoned visions of the visually impaired new aged said to illustrate stories of citizens, claiming to be primary witnesses. There are two sides to a story. The presence of media imposes a pseudo third side to a two sided coin. By dawn as the daily sun rises these stories are printed in black and white. Becoming an overnight sensation, this results in the distortion of the truth

I can go on about how I do not condemn the recent “xenophobic attacks” but that’s just human nature instilled in my African values. The question to be asked is, is it really xenophobia? Xenophobia is defined as the dislike of/or prejudice against people from other countries.

Every time I take the moment to digest the images captured by a number of news reporting (platforms). I see more than just a pack of people ingesting fear with every act of abhor. I see tight-lipped, mentally enslaved free bodies. Who are suppressed through economic exclusion, social marginalisation and most importantly youth exclusion?

Sechaba sa heso ha se a bolokwa, dintwa le matswenyeho ha di a fela, yet.

If these clashes were truly motivated by xenophobia then these economically and socially marginalized people would be adamant and consistent in their mission to allegedly get rid of foreign people through the looting of foreign owned shops all in the name of dislike. I suppose then that our people  inflict fear in the hearts of those seeking refuge in South Africa, Our Land,  the land that belongs to all those who live in it.

Which sparks a thought in my mind, that different folks have different notions of right and wrong when it suits them. The berry’s juice is sweet when the price to exploit it doesn’t affect your market price, the very same way it is bitter when your ever so treasured stock exchange listed companies poses a possible bear market, and not the bull you are sort after.

“It is easy to be judgmental about “xenophobic attacks” when you live in a world far enough to be removed from it.” Trevor Noah. A world far from drugs, the constant exposure to possibly dying from being penetrated by a stray bullet, triggered by fingers that have absence of fingerprints. Your crimson red blood flows down beside the pavement whilst people river raft their way around you.  This is a reflection of our society. We cannot be xenophobic. These are people are you and I.

These people we label barbaric, live in each and every one of us.

What are we doing to heal ourselves from the oppressing pages of history that we conceal into the mind of our people?



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